We have a singular goal — end chronic homelessness in Seattle through Housing First/Permanent Supportive Housing within 5 years.

We work on these strategic planks:


Research, Education, Community Awareness


Legal and Policy Reform


Systemic Changes

Cost drivers

  • Identifying needs:  What are the needs?  What funds are desirable and for what purposes?

    • Optimal number of PSH units, capital and operating costs to sustain PSH

    • Third Door Coalition funding for administrative support, research, projects

  • Identifying sources

    • E.g., Social investment firms, social impact bonds, Opportunity Zones

  • Myth-busting:  What are the myths about homelessness?  How can we use data to deconstruct such myths?

  • Education:  How can we use data to educate ourselves and others?  How can we make this data accessible?  Create visual aids?

  • Speaking engagements and events:  Us sharing information with others; others sharing information with us 

  • Technology:  How can it help?  How can our current systems be improved?

  • Data:  What can we do to better collect, interpret, and share data?

  • Partnering with other systems:  How can we best partner with the city?  The county?  Healthcare?  Technology?  Other entities working on homelessness? 

  • How can we make PSH faster and cheaper to build and implement?